Matt Damon, Vodka and Me

Matt Damon is on the cover of the latest issue of Chilled, The International issue, and I’m inside with two stories. The vodka story is about Ketel One and a special limited edition vodka to help raise money for legendary golfer Arnold Palmer’s Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation. It’s a foundation that does an amazing amount of good, and a very worthy cause.

The second story is also a limited edition tale, about Glenmorangie Pride 1974. Glenmorangie has released just 503 crystal decanters of what is only the third release in its ‘Pride’ series, this one first laid down in 1974. The company also commissioned jazz musician and Julliard scholar Aaron Diehl to compose a piece of music inspired by this special limited edition release.

You can read both the stories by clicking on the links below.