JJ Whitley Potato Vodka

I love potato vodkas. Some people say all vodkas taste the same, but some people can be wrong.

Learn more about potatoes, vodka and terroir from Vestal Vodka’s William Borrell.

JJ Whitley Potato Vodka BottleSo I was pleased to hear about a new vodka brand that is celebrating the British countryside with its vodka and gin flavours. In addition to a straightforward London Dry Gin they make an Elderflower Gin, and both Rhubarb Vodka and Potato Vodka. I’m intrigued by the Rhubarb Vodka, which I hope to sample very soon, but started with their Potato Vodka, in its stylish and elegant bottle.

Elegance was also a word that sprang into my mind when I sniffed the vodka. Can a smell be elegant? Well, it can if that’s what pops into your mind. It was smooth, too, and had a slight earthiness about it, which shouldn’t be surprising.

Tasting it, it’s equally smooth, almost like drinking water but water which, in this case, is 38.6% ABV. There were hints of citrus, and also a very faint liquorice taste. It also tasted exceptionally thick and creamy. Maybe they used mashed potatoes (ho-ho).

I actually wrote these notes before taking a closer look at the label, which talks of a creamy taste. See, I was right. It also mentions hints of black pepper. Hmm… that was my excuse to pour a second shot. Well, yes, maybe there’s some black pepper in there. There’s certainly a bit of spiciness, and the second shot was just as smooth going down as the first.

I’ll be keeping this as a sipping vodka, although the company says it is excellent in a martini. I can believe that. Yes, I definitely like potato vodkas, and certainly this potato vodka from JJ Whitley.

J.J. Whitley Potato Vodka is available from Master of Malt at £24.45, €28.38 or US$30.66 for a 70cl bottle, although if you want to try it first they’ll happily sell you a 3cl sample bottle.

The Masters of Malt Tasting Notes say:
Lemongrass, black pepper and a touch of mint. Quite drying.