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Welcome to Travel Distilled, where two of the most enjoyable things in the world – travel and distilleries – get to meet. If you’re interested in travelling to distilleries, reading about spirits, or just sampling them, you’ll find something to read here.

I write about distillery visits I’ve made, gin schools I’ve been to, spirits I’ve tasted, books I’ve read, people I’ve met – and anything and everything to do with the world of distilling.

Although I also publish a website devoted to vodka, The Vodka Guy, here I write about all the other spirits I enjoy – gin, whiskey (and whisky), bourbon, rum, tequila and more, from wherever my travels happen to take me.

Take a look at some of my most recent postings below. Or read the About Me page to find out more about who’s behind Travel Distilled.

Mike Gerrard

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