Chilled, Bacardi and Tequila Cazadores

The latest issue of Chilled arrives, the American drinks magazine I write for. On the cover are Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine, and inside two of my stories.

The first tells the tale of the winner of the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition, Ran Van Ongevalle from Belgium – and what a family he comes from. Some stories are a delight to write and research.

So too was the second one, about a promotional campaign from Tequila Cazadores. It’s great when companies get creative, and don’t just try to sell themselves but tell you stories about where they come from, and why they do what they do.

What you can’t do (yet) in a print publication is link to what you’re talking about, so take a look at the Tequila Cazadores YouTube channel. I really enjoyed the stories they told there, and the way everything was put together.

Click on the cover image below and by the wonders of technology you should be able to read both pieces and see the recipe for an award-winning Bacardi cocktail.