Buying Bloody Shiraz Gin 2017

Bloody Shiraz Gin 2017 Now Available!

Last year I reviewed the amazing Bloody Shiraz Gin from the Four Pillars distillery in Australia. It really is a remarkable gin. The only problem is that it is made in limited quantities, and by the time the review appeared, the 2016 release was sold out.

The good news is that the 2017 Bloody Shiraz Gin is now available, so if you act quickly you may be able to get your hands on a bottle… or six, as that’s the limit for each customer’s order. This is the full news release from Four Pillars making the announcement, dated 31 May 2017:

Bloody awesome, bloody delicious
and finally bloody here

Folks, we are (very) excited to announce the release of Bloody Shiraz Gin, Vintage 2017! We know a lot of you fell in love with this purple phenomenon last year, and the rest are super keen to try it. So you know that Bloody Shiraz Gin is the product of the awesome magic that happens when you combine Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin with cool-climate, Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes, some of the best in Australia.

And the beauty of Bloody Shiraz Gin being a product of vintage means that it will never be the same. Vintage this year was cooler, giving us a moderate but slightly longer ripening time. That means we’re seeing a more vibrant ruby colour, with true Yarra Valley shiraz characters – earthiness, complexity and subtle white pepper spice. But still with that balanced sweetness of the previous releases.

Listen to Cam chatting about Bloody Shiraz Gin 2017 in this sneaky behind-the-scenes video here.

Bloody Shiraz Gin: Vintage 2017 from Four Pillars Gin on Vimeo.

And more importantly, get your bottle of Bloody Shiraz Gin 2017 here. We’re limiting purchases to 6 bottles, so there will be plenty to go around. Go forth and enjoy!

Cam, Stu & Matt